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Allan Wolf-Tasker

The Daylesford region… This is a new and recovering landscape.

Unlike William’s Pilbara or Boyd’s Shoalhaven this region is a much interfered with earth zone. Formed firstly by violent volcanic processes coupled with awesome water bound sculpturing, then turned upside down by voracious gold miners, ravaged by visionless foresters and finally divided and conquered by pastoralists and crop farmers this land has enjoyed little peace over the past two centuries.

To find inspiration for his current exhibition, Allan Wolf-Tasker clambers between upturned rocks, over long felled trees, amongst bracken filled new forest, through diverted creeks and along overgrown trails – stunned by the residue of man’s invasion contrasted with the determination that nature is finding in order to rebuild this tortured area back into a thing of beauty, harmony and seductivity.

Images: Kooroocheang (detail), 2013, acrylic on Belgium linen, 2750 x 1830 mm; Kooroocheang from Kangaroo Hill, 2013, acrylic on Belgium linen, 1220 x 1220mm.

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