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Allison Jonas Young

The twice divided circle is a welcome reference point when we have lost our way. This symbol with its union of the circular and the straight has inspired Allison Jonas Young’s latest body of work.

Upon a background of bare timber, tiny jewel-like droplets of metallic paint are intricately articulated. Complex arrangements and hierarchies are created through the expansion, contraction and repetition of the circle motif.

Each composition represents an individual turning point within a procession of connected phases. Ever shifting and rotating, invisible paths are given form through imagined associations, as if charting the course of stars in the night.

Allison’s training in Screen Printing and Interior Design has led to her preoccupation with pattern, geometry and how we experience space.

Image: Centre Space Reality by Allison Jonas Young, 2012, metallic acrylic paint on raw timber panel, 600mm x 550mm.

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