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Artist Talks: Morganna Magee and Jean Lyons

This coming Saturday, Morganna Magee will be joined by Katie and Jaylen (mother and son pictured right). Together artist and subject will share their insights from the Motherhood project.

‘As a 28 year old woman who does not yet have children, I find myself harbouring judgements against choices women make. I am entering into the Motherhood project as a way to dispel my judgements and bias, whilst feeding my personal curiosity’
– Morganna Magee

Following the Motherhood conversation, Jean Lyons will discuss her latest series of work – Earth’s Shadow. Lyon’s compositions are influenced by Golden Mean theory and Fibonacci number sequences, ratios and patterns traced back to ancient Egyptian and Grecian Art.

‘My aim is to create quiet paintings. Something you might walk past, like the leaf on the ground that is repeatedly stepped on, until finally picked up by someone who sees something compelling about it, and treasures it for its fragile condition.’
– Jean Lyons

Image: Morganna Magee, ‘Katie and Jaylen’, 2012, silver gelatin print, edition 1/3, 50 x 50cm.
Image: ‘Grace’, Jean Lyons, Oil on Canvas, 34x55cm, 2011

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