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Breath of Life

Rumi Takamoto’s vivid paintings and ceramic sculptures, are influenced by natural forms. They practically writhe with energy, appearing to stretch and twist, echoing unfurling trumpet flowers or crashing waves.

Adopting techniques employed by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, Takamoto applies colour to form in an additive process, rather than relying on it being inherent in her materials. She creates works that expresses vitality, the flux of energy and the circulation of life.

Rumi Takamoto has B.A. (sculpture) from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts. She established Kyushu Art Seminar and Artist’s Park where she was actively involved as an educator and instructor. Now she lives and works in Melbourne as a sculptor and a painter.

Image: Life Force II by Rumi Takamoto, 2012, ceramic, acrylic paint, resin, 320 x 430 x 490mm (detail)

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