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Catherine Hull Sinclair, Robyn Rich and Terry Barclay

Mans impact on the world is dramatic and extraordinary, and the consequences are increasingly deviant and freakish.  Things we never thought possible are dictating our lives and the boundaries between mans world and the wild environment are interacting like never before. This will be an exhibition that  reflects on  the repercussions of this for us as individuals, and as a part of the bigger picture.

Catherine Hull Sinclair is intrigued at how nature finds new ways of existing as a result of Mans brutal impact on the environment. Robyn Rich reflects on our mania for creating the perfect environment and the unnatural obsessions this creates in our mind. Terry Barclay creates sculptures that are half animal half mechanism. They appear surreal – but are they?

Image: The Protector (detail) by Robyn Rich, 2014, oil on canvas, 560 x 560mm; Fish Steamer (detail) by Terry Barclay, 2014, painted timber and copper, 600 x 600 x 600mm; An Eye for a Pear (detail) by Catherine Hull Sinclair, 2014, oil on wood, 195 x 180mm.

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