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Celia Bridle & Aphra Perkins

‘Painting to express movement, change and transformation’ – Magnifying her black and white pen and pencil drawings, Celia Bridle was surprised to discover another world of images infinitely divisible and continual; flowing organic shapes, patterns, abstract and pictorial elements, plant-like expanses and streams of water.The rhythm of dots and lines suggested multiple harmonies, movement and fluidity.

Aphra Perkins’ large-scale gouache and charcoal works are a synthesis of painting and drawing which celebrate space and spatial freedom. The articulated shapes in the paintings reference natural forms such as rocks, flowers and bird’s wings. The unfinished quality of these shapes and forms makes them resonate like memories, transformed and obscured over time.

Images from top: Celia Bridle, Migration, 2011, acrylic on linen, 20.5 x 20.5cm; Aphra Perkins, Push the little daisies, 2009, gouache on  Arches watercolour paper, 9110 x 114cm.

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