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Childhood and Other Disasters

Irrespective of belief, background or current circumstance we can be sure that we were all children once, navigating our way through an unfamiliar world. Kirstin Finlayson explores this precious and at times precarious phase of life in her latest exhibition Childhood and other Disasters.

By taking casts from found objects Finlayson transforms and re-contextualises them, allowing the derelict and discarded to re-enter the world anew. This process of rebirth through reconfiguration transforms negative memories into positive expressions of survival.

Bumps and crashes, blows and smashes are all necessary misadventures in Finlayson’s creative process. Her works generate a sense of playful whimsy whilst maintaining a slight undertone of unease, suspended somewhere between reality and nostalgia.

Image: The Long Journey Home by Kirstin Finlayson, 2012, porcelain, found objects, resin and glass [detail]

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