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Conversations with the Gods about their Deaths & Other Matters

Five conversations take place across two programs, performed on consecutive dates;

Program One: August 12, 14, 16: The Gods assist in an Investigation and A Toast to the Gods.

Program Two: August 13, 15, 16: Seminar with the Gods about Progress, The Gods attend a Counselling Session about Loss of Identity and To the God at the Door

James McCaughey conjures up gods, Greek, Christian, Hindu, Indigenous and others. He challenges them about their mortality, offers them a toast, invites them to a seminar about progress and counsels them to get over fears that they may be losing their identity.

Over five conversations an intimacy builds. The gods, present and invisible, dangerous and entertaining, enter the performance space for a few minutes and leave traces of their existence. The show is part comedy, part enquiry, part epic story-telling, part-pilgrimage, part-pisstake. Gods who have never spoken to each other enter as embodiments of the world’s comedy and tragedy. The Hero, the Diva, the Has-Been, the Saviour – argue for their lives in their one last chance.

Book a Conversations with the Gods Package and see both programs for a special price (Full $50, Senior $40, and Concession $30).

Images by Adis Hondo.


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