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Danielle McCarthy

When a clock ticks our concept of time is shaped and when we move through a building, from room to room we conceptualise space. Linear movements and containment dominate the way in which space and time are understood. But, what if this was not the case? What if there were multiple temporalities existing simultaneously and if space both expanded and contracted within a moment.

Entanglement seeks to explore this realm through robustly painted surfaces and the rich depth of black mirrors and reflective surfaces. In this respect the paintings oscillate between the solidity of a painting and the transience of reflection. Central to this installation are paintings of the female body in various states of entanglement. Like scenes from a Greek vase the body is a void, a non presence, its consistency is defined only by its edge. And yet, in this instance our vision is inverted as we view the vase from within.

A live performance of an original composition, Trust: a work in three movements, by Brighid Mantelli in collaboration with Danielle McCarthy will be performed during the opening night.

Image: Twist, 2013, oil on perspex, 1000 x 1500mm.


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