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‘Wild extremes in fearless performance shock, fascinate’ – The AGE(DasSHOKU Hora!)

Butoh Punkess, Yumi Umiumare ignites her next infamous DasSHOKU Cabaret, a culture-crush dementia bursting from the shaking earth.

Osaka’s legendary Theatre Gumbo and local shock-toy acolytes bring things of darkness out into footlights. Jap-pop and white mysticism shaken with Buddhist Heart sutra! Comic! Bizarre! Cross-cultural emo shake up! Does devastation transform us, cleanse us, bleach us?

DasSHOKU SHAKE! portrays both emotional and physical ‘shakes’ arising from the recent devastating disasters in Japan. Using the two styles of Butoh and Cabaret; (Butoh, the timeless myth and the dance of darkness and Cabaret as an accessible and entertaining form)

DasSHOKU SHAKE! uses satires of culture/gender politics. Clothed in lightness the artists explore elements of darkness – bizarre and comic urban mythology melts communication and confronts fears which collide with contemporary experience in our modern way of living.

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