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Fury – a developmental showing

In early 2012 playwright Bridgette Burton was awarded a grant through the Malcolm Robertson Trust for a first round development of a new script about cyber-bullying. The development took place in June 201 and the outcome was a first draft of “Fury” – a play about allegiance, friendship and consequences.

“Renee Saunders is fifteen years old. She breaks the unwritten law between friends and, like the furies of ancient Greece, the girls descend on her and torment her, exacting their terrible punishment.”

Ahead of her upcoming fully-fledged work ‘Rhonda Is In Therapy’, fortyfivedownstairs is thrilled to be a part of this special look at Bridgette’s latest piece of developing writing.

Directed by Alice Bishop.

Featuring Verity Charlton, Christina Costigan, Tiffany Davis, Daniela Farinacci, David Kambouris and Rama Nicholas.

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