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Geoffrey Bartlett & Rhonda Baum

Artists Geoffrey Bartlett & Rhonda Baum come together for a joint exhibition in fortyfivedownstairs’ large gallery space. Confluence will span mediums, and presents a culmination of artworks from both artists’ personal journeys.

The sculptures assembled for this exhibition span 6 years from 2008 until current works.
The winged form appears in these works and refers to flight. Flight to escape + abscond + elude + withdraw

– Geoffrey Bartlett.

The viewer is involved in an unspoken dialogue. Memory filters through the imagination; visual and emotional memory.
seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees” Paul Valery (French poet 1871 – 1945)

– Rhonda Baum.

Image: Geoffrey Bartlett’s studio, 2014, photograph by Emily Bartlett photography; Intimacy by Rhonda Baum, 2014, graphite on paper, 800 x 900mm.

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