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Greg Ades

This exhibition is the culmination of the inaugural fortyfivedownstairs Artist in Resident.

In this exhibition Greg Ades draws upon the places he has journeyed to over recent years. He explores the interaction between natural structures, their surrounding space and neighbouring objects to create a series of narratives around Australian landscape.

The roots of a strangler fig engulf the tree upon which it dwells. Interlacing they coalesce and thicken, depriving the host tree of life until it rots away revealing the elongated cage that once engulfed the host.

Within the entanglement of mangrove roots and branches a singular tree loses itself amidst its neighbours.

A myrtle and a fern germinate next to each other. As they grow the roots of the myrtle become attached to the fern. Eventually the myrtle is growing on the fern, its roots taking hold, engulfing its neighbour. As the two grow the weight of the myrtle forces its neighbour ever closer to its eventual collapse. Greg Ades

Funded with assistance from Copyright Agency’s Cultural Fund.

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Image: Mangroves, 2012, oil on linen, 1070 x 910mm; Wet (Mt Elephant and Lake Gnarpurt), 2013, oil on linen, 910 x 1220mm.

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