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Henry IV, Part I

King Henry IV is beset by strife.
His soul is sick, his body faltering.
His land is gripped by civil war.
His enemy is a killing machine.
And his heir is a playboy prodigal.
What does he want to do?
Start a religious war in the Middle East…

No directorial tricks.
No flashy concepts.
No bloody mobile phones.

Just Shakespeare.

Recently returned from the southern hemisphere’s only recreated Elizabethan theatre – The New Fortune in Perth, Western Australia – Nothing but Roaring’s production of Shakespeare’s historical masterpiece imaginatively recreates the world of Shakespeare through the power of his words and using the conventions of his theatre.

Starring Tom Considine (MTC, STC, Playbox, State Theatre of SA) as the irrepressible rogue Falstaff and a cast boasting a hundred year’s combined theatrical experience, Nothing But Roaring present Henry IV, Part I in “original practices” – all-male, period costume, audience-included – Shakespeare.

Written by William Shakepseare.
Adapted and Directed by Rob Conkie, Designed by Romanie Harper, Stage Management by Harriet Gregory, Production Management by Remi D’Agostin.
Featuring Tom Considine, Bob Pavlich, Chris White, George Lingard, Rob Conkie.

This production forms a unique Shakespearean double-bill with The Zoey Louise Moonbeam Dawson Shakespeare Company’s all-female production of Romeo and Juliet. These exciting productions pair to reveal Shakespeare’s “infinite variety” to a modern audience.

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