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Janice Gobey

Part of Melbourne Fringe Festival

Janice Gobey’s work is influenced by her studies in psychology and her work draws on this background to explain abstract concepts in a visual context.

During 2013, the artist spent 3 months on a residency in Berlin.  During this time, she acquired a fox fur from the Mauer Park Flea Market.  She developed a connection with this inanimate object and together with a visit to the abandoned sanitarium Beelitz, it inspired her current body of work examining Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In Gobey’s recent exhibition, The Invisible, the artist has created a darkling pictorial space in her paintings that invites flux and impermanence. The objects and subjects—fur, masks, animals, gloves, flowers, and faces—enter the picture plane, only in-part or only to leave again, amplifying their appearance from somewhere unconscious to the artist, or, parallel to the painting’s frame. This drawing-in from the outside, with no explicable reason for their collaboration, reminds us of the flickering recollection of the traumatic event, where the terrible is buried inside the guise of something more familiar.

Image: The Invisible, 2013, oil on linen, 750 x 2400mm; Ghosts,  2013, oil on linen, 1000 x 900mm.

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