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Jenny Peterson

In Souvenir, Peterson examines the activities of finding and collecting, using a visual symbol familiar to us all: the road sign.

Peterson collects broken road signs, intervenes with their already scarred surfaces, and re-presents them as intaglio prints on paper. Her introduced marks, text and pattern add to those marks already present, those which speak of the object’s history.  The marked and re-marked metal is then used either as a plate from which to mimeticly transfer its own image onto paper, or as a template for smaller prints.

Peterson’s collecting practice relies on souveniring and systematic collecting. An object becomes a souvenir of the location where it was found; any one of the artist’s road signs will recall to her the location of the country road where she found/rescued it, bent and crumpled.

Jenny Peterson lives and works from Boolarra in Gippsland, Victoria. She has been making and exhibiting prints for some 30 years in solo and group shows, her works are held by many public collections around Australia.

Images: Duality (detail),  2011,  intaglio print, 810 x 520mm

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