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Katica Pedisic & Rachel Hurst

Taking its name from the two parts that comprise this exhibition, TIMES/TABLES is a collaborative installation that sees Melbourne-based Katica Pedisic and Adelaide-based Rachel Hurst use an eclectic mix of relief castings, compressed charcoal drawings, paintings and installation.

Disseminating their spatial practice, Pedisic and Hurst work with a range of architectural and non-architectural conventions and materials. Utilising a conceptual system of binary opposites such as solid/void, expansion/compression and alternating dimensionalities, the various drawings, paintings and plaster pieces explore the patterns established in everyday spaces, at the same time examining the nature of representational media.

Image: Tabulation by Rachel Hurst, plaster & mixed media relief castings, 75 x 75 x 40mm; the minutes, the hours (detail) by Katica Pedisic, ink on arches paper mounted on plywood panel, 420 x 300mm.


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