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Laugh Pack

fortyfivedownstairs now has a way for you to see all three of its Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows for a fantastic reduced price! Introducing the LAUGH PACK. Either see all three shows on one night, or pick and choose a different night for each show – it’s up to you. Just make sure you choose the LAUGH PACK to receive the discounted price of $50 for all three shows – that’s over 30% off the regular full price!

Bad Boys of Music Theatre: All Washed Up!: No, this isn’t a 10 year retrospective on two failed comedians (come back in 7 years), this is what happens when idiot number one decides to cast off a tour boat without the crew, then idiot number two climbs the crow’s nest and delivers overly complicated commands to someone he knows has never attempted to man a boat outside of the bathtub before.

The DC3 ‘The Ringtone Cycle’: their interpretation of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, the gargantuan 16 hour opera which will be performed this year in Melbourne to a select crowd who can afford the $1,000+ ticket prices.

YOU’RE TEARING ME APARTMENT: THE ROOMSICAL: a satirical homage more than a retelling of the film,  The Room, a cult staple regarded as the Citizen Kane of sh*?@t movies.



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