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Part of Melbourne Fringe Festival

Live Acts On Stage is an orgy of ancient myths told through contemporary and ancient text. Sift that mixture through Four Letter Word Theatre and at the helm of it, Director Sara Tabitha Catchpole, and you’re in for a theatrical event unlike any other.

We are Confronting Entertainment.

Orpheus is teaching mortals and Gods alike that they aren’t that different from each other, he says “Love whatever you are drawn to” and that “We are all a bit divine”. That’s what started Hera’s rage regarding her husband, Zeus’, lust for a human goatherd, Ganymede. She visits Eris, in her “little corner of hell” and the two embark on detangling the events which led to Orpheus’ teachings and Hera’s unhappiness.

Live Acts On Stage promises more than entertainment – Live Acts On Stage will leave you confronted and astounded. Amazed and aghast. Surprised and just a little sick…

Warning: strong violence, sexual violence, sexual and adult themes, nudity & coarse language

Image courtesy of Robert Alexander Smith and Emily Jean Rutherford.

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