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Matto Lucas

Matto recently received a Lifetime membership for his contribution to MidSumma as a visual artist.

“I own this space. Creating art is a way for me to belong to myself.

Using photography as a foundation I exploit the perception of truth and value. Through constructing false realities or by attacking the photograph directly, do these tainted images retain their facade? Do they still represent a believable truth? Is this valuable? In questioning human worth, my concern is to own space or property, whether that is intellectual,conceptual or physical (gallery) space. The artworks present the manipulated body that transgresses both fragility and empowerment. It exists to be both frightened and frightening.

It exists.
I exist.”

Image: Darumatto, 2011, acrylic paint & paste up on board, 1414 x 1000mm; Sarah5, 2013, acrylic paint on cartridge print, 841 x 594mm.


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