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“I opened the door and there was red everywhere. On the desk, on the carpet. About half a metre away, was this hammer.
F***ing red as.”

One morning at a remote Western Australian school in Meekatharra, an Education Department auditor’s head is bashed in with a hammer. The night before, a pack of teachers have a blinder at a barbie, tensions building about all that school equipment they’ve borrowed. Two weeks before that, the school caught fire. Twice.

In the years before any of this, Headmaster and Aussie larrikin John McDonald became an upstanding pillar of the community, one good deed at a time.

At the end of the day, a small town will be hit hard by a shocking act of violence no one will forget.

Bad behaviour isn’t confined to the school yard in Meeka.

Based on a true story.

Cast: Kevin Summers, Brett Whittingham, Bridgette Burton, Christina Costigan, Heidi Valkenburg, Liam Gillespie


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