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METASYSTEMS is a contemporary dance performance that analyses our human interactions with the environment from the individual to the universal.

Through the documentation and translation of the processes taking place at the construction site, METASYSTEMS is an observation of the rapidly evolving landscape we inhabit. This physically demanding and rhythmically hypnotic work creates the awareness of a world in flux, a space that is simultaneously being constructed and deconstructed.

An exhibition featuring film, explanations of the process and a series of drawings designed by architect Anna Tweeddale documenting the work.

Choreographer: James Batchelor
Visual Artist: Madeline Beckett
Performers: James, Batchelor, Emma Batchelor, Madeline Beckett, Amber McCartney
3D Printed Design: XYZ Workshop
Consulting Architect: Studio Apparatus (Anna Tweeddale)

This project has been assisted by the City of Melbourne.

Image: METASYSTEMS – image by James Batchelor.

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