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Mike Hewson

On 22 February the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that hit Christchurch, New Zealand took lives, landmarks, roads, homes and buildings.  One of the buildings greatly affected was an office block that served as a studio for several New Zealand artists. As a result, Mike Hewson found himself without a studio spaces. This material loss was supplemented with loss on more general terms. The works speak specifically to the emotional space created when one is confronted with instability, loss, tumult and disaster.  While there is desperation in the works, there is also a sense of resilience and determination.  It is one thing to document loss, another to understand it, and yet another to stand back, assess and move forward with that loss.  ‘Under Standing Loss’ is an attempt at all three of these stages in a profoundly personal, yet poignantly universal journey.
Curated by Pippa Milne.

Image: Mike Hewson, A Gem, 2011, oil on canvas, 120 x 90cm.

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