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Miss Jugoslavia and The Barefoot Orchestra


Cold war served warm

Part concert, part theatre, and part film score for a film that will never be made, Miss Jugoslavia and The Barefoot Orchestra is a composed theatre work inspired by Tania Bosak’s musician father, and his extraordinary defection story, which took place between the former Jugoslavia and Belgium in 1958.

Story telling beyond words, bold, moving, funny, Miss Jugo and the BFO is also a celebration of the chaos that leads to finding oneself inarticulate in a foreign land.

Themes include; political and social secrecy, censorship, interrogation, escape, unruly balkan-jazz music, and espionage through concert practice.

Tania Bosak presents her first major work, which started in 1991, when her nationality changed overnight!

Gala double bill band night:
8.00pm Wiki men band
9.00pm Miss Jugo and Barefoot Show

No performance Tuesday 5 November due to Melbourne Cup Day

Images by Jeff Busby.


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