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Narelle Cridland

Narelle’s exhibition Living China,  provided solitude and escapism to its creator, as she documented a concatenation of memories of East meets West and her physical and spiritual displacement of residing in an Asian destination.  The autobiographical photographic self-portraits are personalized narratives and the content indulges in dualities of triumphs and tribulations.

Narelle made the transition from remote Far North Queensland to Hong Kong, dislocating her from the securities of her birth place Melbourne, Australia and immersed her in the rich diversity of Hong Kong Chinese cultures and traditions. The displacement rendered her both physically and spiritually into a state of isolation, insecurity, vulnerability and alertness as she adhered desperately to her Australian Heritage. However, after time Narelle grew personal tolerance and acceptance as she acknowledged and adapted to her innovation existence in Hong Kong.

Image: Living China, 2012, photograph, 508 x 762mm; River Crossing, 2012, photograph, 508 x 762mm.

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