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Nick Kallincos

Originally trained as a biochemist, Nick Kallincos’ works are primarily concerned with the psychological aspects of human experience. How we navigate the real world with the imagined world and how our cognitive decisions are informed by our perceptions, intuitions and views. In recent years Nick has become profoundly interested in the meeting points of Western Science and Eastern Philosophy. In addition to painting, he also works in the medium of animation. His animated and painted works freely share characters and narrative elements.

The works in Potentia depict imagined spaces of ongoing negotiation and exchange, bristling with the energies of transformation, impermanence and renewal. Primal elemental forces transact life and death, growth, and disintegration.

Watch a mixed-media animation Nick created to accompany his exhibition here.

Image: The Heart of all Things, 2012, mixed media on canvas, 600 x 900mm.

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