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Park Sung Soo

Young Korean artist Park Sung Soo has brought a very beautiful, contemplative exhibition to fortyfivedownstairs, and has filled both galleries with ease with large scale brush paintings.   Park uses brushes as wide as a house painter’s brush, and it’s difficult to imagine the skill necessary to fill the brush with just enough ink for each stroke, a technique that doesn’t allow the slightest mistake or wavering.  The almost life size figures, emerging almost like ghosts from the paper’s surface, are filled with movement and volatility – they are abstract portraits, but one can sense the character of each, the young woman in a layered, short dress, the young man swathed in scarves against the bitter Korean winter.   Smaller works remind us of the calligraphic origins of Park’s art practice, the bird captured in flight, clouds, trees and water.

Image: The Last of the Three Brothers by Park Sung Soo, 2008, ink on paper, 600mm x 550mm.

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