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Bach Conversations

Bach Conversations is a re-imagining of J.S Bach’s cello suite No.3 by musician/composer Elissa Goodrich for solo marimba and responding duet improvisations with members of her jazz ensemble States of Play and long-time colleague Ria Soemardjo.

With the extraordinary harmonic and melodic qualities that Bach’s suite leads us through, Bach Conversations presents a unique musical opportunity for entering  new and rich conversations with critically acclaimed, contemporary musicians.

Elissa Goodrich – MARIMBA
Ria Soemardjo – VOICE & FRAME DRUM
Phil Bywater – SAXOPHONE
Tamara Murphy – DOUBLE BASS
Daniel Farrugia – DRUMS

Image: Artwork by Gabby O’Connor from What lies beneath (2011), original design by Brett Cropley, Image: Marimba keyboard, Image credit, Phil Bywater.


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