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Ivana Perkins

For over 30 years Ivana Perkins has been inspired by the changing landscape of her environment; the shape, texture and colour of organic forms has always intrigued her.

This approach to art-making connects her with the instincts and artifacts of artisans and makers across many, many centuries.

In this exhibition she explores pollen and seeds – the agents that propagate and reproduce the botanical world around us.

Ivana’s work is an oversized impression of plant organism, fabricated in mixed media and bronze, conveying botanical embryonic life forms.
Linda Sproul, Manager Education and Community Programs, Museum Victoria

Image: Folded Leaves, 2014, 23ct gold leaf x 1, mixed media on resin black boards, 500 x 500mm; Lotus Pods Blue, 2014, solid bronze x 1, mixed media on resin black board, 500 x 500mm.


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