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Andrew Fuhrmann, Daily Review

masterful performance… fine direction
Rebecca Harkins-Cross, The Age

Gome is terrific
Tim Byrne, TimeOut Melbourne

Read The Age article HERE.

Johan Padan and the Discovery of the Americas is an epic monologue with a cast of thousands packed with action, irreverent humour and frequent reversals of fortune. The play is an imaginative retelling of early encounters between Europeans and the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean, Florida and Mexico.

Inspired by historical figures including Cabeza de Vaca and Guerriero, Johan Padanand the Discovery of the Americas was written by Dario Fo in 1992 as an alternative to the official commemorations of Columbus’ voyage of 1492.

A fugitive from the Inquisition, Johan Padan performs fantastical feats of surgery, prophecy and love after travelling with Columbus to the New World.

Johan Padan and the Discovery of the Americas is a fantastical adventure told by a loveable rogue. In a world where riding your luck might be the death of you, but riding a pig could save your life.

Written by Dario Fo
Translated by Mario Pirovano
Performed by Steve Gome
Directed by Wayne Pearn

Image: illustration by Richard Butler.

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