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Josephine Do

From her frequent travels between China, Hong Kong and New Zealand Josephine Do developed and changed her artwork style and approach; introducing birds and clouds into her subject matter. She uses traditional Chinese landscape paintings in the background of her works to represent her Chinese roots, birds reminiscent of her New Zealand identity and the clouds to express her change of home(s).

Josephine uses varied juxtapositions of forms ranging from natural elements to figurative, modern to traditional and a vast range of texture to suggest the rapid changes in her life. In Travelling she has re-worked some of her older paintings by adding on new layers of depth and meaning, in particular the image of clouds, a symbol for her constantly moving and shifting life, being sometimes cloudy, other times the sun shining above these clouds.

Images: Day 5, 2014, ink and oil on linen, 1100 x 600mm; Day 6, 2014, ink and oil on linen, 1400 x 600mm

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