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KaBooM: Stories From Distant Frontlines

7 stories – 7 directors

KaBooM is based on real stories of Australians who have fought on the frontline. Australians who fled to this country to escape conflict and build new lives. Each of the tales serves as a basis for 7 leading independent theatre directors to create a theatrical response.  They use the body of one female performer (Deborah Leiser-Moore), who, like a contemporary Scheherazade, functions as the central storyteller – and an arsenal of contemporary theatrical weapons – projections, aerial work, pulsing sound track from Bigtoxic  – and elements – water, tomatoes, hay – to create a series of interlocking performance vignettes.

KaBooM positions the audience, as witness, into the midst of the performance arena, into a metaphorical field of war, where they are led to discrete performance areas. There is no fourth wall – the sense of involvement and engagement is direct. KaBooM is both deeply personal and universal – as you read these words there is a war going on in several corners of the globe. The waves created by the “BooM” in KaBooM are sonic, emotional, psychological and physical; they all coalesce in this one unique theatrical event.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no seating for this event. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance (03 9662 9966) if this is problematic for you.

Image credits: Lachlan Woods.



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