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Kate Durham

Read THE AGE’s interview with Kate HERE

“I return to jewellery in this exhibition, but it is a far cry from the exuberant and noisy youth I celebrated in the 1980s. My ‘grown up’ jewellery is just as talkative but the discourse may be better suited to women of a certain age and defiance.

My work is still devoutly decorative and suspicious of the orthodoxies of ‘good design’ and its austerity, sobriety and minimalism. I believe these tendencies persist because of the work of envious men, who have for a couple of centuries been left out of the fun and love of  the ‘shiny things’; the glittering stones, the dizzying transformations and the intricate and richly female world of fashion and jewellery.”
Kate Durham, July 2014

4 October, 1pm,  Floor Talk The Decorated Self: Jewellery and Body Decoration, chaired by Jill Singer, speakers: Jane Laver – Chapel Tattoo, Richard Nylon – Milliner, Jenny Bannister, Catherine Deveny & Kate Durham. Please email the gallery coordinator to book on

VIDEO: Watch The Decorated Self: A Film by Timothy Potter, Playdate Media.

Images: Necklaces, mixed media, 2014.

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