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Nendie Pinto-Duschinsky’s film of Lindsay Kemp in

“… each moment is a dance which should always be lived as though it were the last dance.” LINDSAY KEMP

In 2008, Lindsay Kemp’s production of Elizabeth I: The Last Dance was filmed in Japan. The Queen in the last hours of her life, stands immobile in the midst of her court, reliving the loves and dramas of her life, then suddenly calls for music and begins to dance to ward off the approach of death. With an original score by Carlos Miranda, this is a new work from Lindsay Kemp, who has been a major figure in dance, mime and theatre for over forty years. He has performed, choreographed and produced some of the most influential dance productions ever seen, most famously Flowers. He taught and performed with David Bowie and Kate Bush and has appeared in films by Derek Jarman and Ken Russell.

This film captures the stage presence of a great artist whose performance has always hovered achingly close to the limits of his own body, and is a rare opportunity to see the current work of one of the world’s legends of dance.

Image 1: still taken from the film,  Elizabeth I: The Last Dance. Image 2: photograph by Richard Haughton.

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