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Paul Newcombe

Paul Newcombe’s upcoming exhibition is a culmination of his artistic ‘double life’, working in both visual arts and performance theatre in his early career. The exhibition is a continuation of Newcombe’s most recent exhibition at Melbourne’s G3 Artspace, Compositions In Paint (27 March – 23rd April).

These works are as various in colour as the colour spectrum itself. This is no parameter set by the artist and no predetermined end to the painting. Nor is there an apparent ‘subject’ of these paintings, no obvious figure or horizon line, but colour and mass played optically against  the circle and square.

Of  Newcombe’s latest work, independent art curator Kirsten Rann, says: “In Compositions in Paint: This is the End, we witness the finale of two years of discipline and endurance Newcombe has committed to this project – part of an ongoing experiment with Process Art.”

Watch a video showing the performance of Newcombe painting his largest work over 8 weeks.

View Paul’s recent media coverage for upcoming exhibition here.

Image: Carnivale, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 100cm; Vapour, 2012,  acrylic on canvas, 170cm x 170cm

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