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Robyn Rich, Karen Lloyd Jones and Catherine Hull Sinclair

Robyn Rich, Karen Lloyd Jones and Catherine Hull Sinclair are consumed by the minutia of everyday life. Their paintings express their preoccupation and love for things that are seldom seen as being of great value; the familiar, the discarded and the domestic. This thread of fascination is consistent in the approach of each artist, however each presents a distinct vision.

Robyn Rich examines both the beauty and the emotion that comes with everyday life. She is drawn to the simplicity of form of household objects, alongside which she explores the emotion and frustration we often feel towards our daily menial tasks.

Karen Lloyd Jones’s juxtaposition of unusual and conventional objects creates stories which transcend either object. The objects she uses as material for her paintings are carefully chosen for their beautiful or curious characteristics.

Catherine Hull Sinclair loves to paint the beauty of the natural world in all its states of decay, and to contrast it with the delicate and intricate designs of man-made objects. She explores in her art how nature is in a constant state of change.

Images: Bottles by Robyn Rich,2012, Oil on Linen, 310 x 310mm.Skulls and Shells by Karen Lloyd Jones, Oil on Linen, 2012, 400 x 400mm

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