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Sally Fitts

We Don’t Know Everything Yet is a series of drawings and sculptures that grew out of Sally’s desire to explore the fundamental questions of human existence. Sally questions what causes us to be capable of the extremes of compassion and cruelty, as well as the cultural influences that come to bear on who we are. This body of work confirms the idea that the condition of being human is essentially one of impermanence; there is so much we don’t know yet, and we know it.

The sculptures in this exhibition are three-dimensional expansions from the drawings, physically made from the drawings, and further drawings were made of the sculptures, in a process-driven growth of work.

Sally’s artworks explore questions of personal culture, cultural influences and cultural ambiguity. This has manifested in artwork characterised by ambiguous figuration and symbolism, often with a suggested but not explicit narrative. This is her fourth solo exhibition.

Image: Kleiner Mann- Was Nun? by Sally Fitts, 2012, pencil and oil stick on paper, 1040 x1520mm; There are More Things in Heaven and Earth (detail) by Sally Fitts, 2013, pencil & liquid graphite on paper, 1040mm x 1520mm.

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