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Samantha McCulloch

Placings / Citings enquires into the multiple histories haunting its site. It is a self-reflexive exhibition informed by its particular placement. Presented in the small gallery at fortyfivedownstairs, the project reflects upon the material and historic residues of the building within Melbourne’s surrounding central business district. After containing industrial equipment and cloth bales up until the mid-twentieth century, the site subsequently transformed into a gallery space, a change that reflects shifts in function.

Placings / Citings documents this shift through a poetic re-tracing of this site. Attending to the physical building and the material history that it contains, the exhibition navigates the site through archival research, which is documented in a small publication. The complementary installation regards physical place as a rich texture, projecting archival material onto a hand-woven screen.

Image: Details of Woven Screen, 2013, thread and wood glue, dimensions variable.


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