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Stilled Life, New Paintings

Cathy Drummond has become well known for her urban landscapes, gleaning imagery from local Melbourne streets, rural Victoria, Italy and the U.K. In Stilled Life, New Paintings, she continues to find dynamic and at times humorous visual relationships in what others might deem to be the truly ordinary.

Cathy’s eye is that of a flaneur, one who has the time to take in all that surrounds them, but without of course the flaneur’s idleness; for these paintings are highly worked and obviously time consuming in their construction. The works are underpinned by strong foundation in drawing, allowing for the development of complex and challenging compositions.

The overwhelming sensation as we view these intricately developed works is a feeling of time being slowed down, affording us a precious, stilled moment to recognise and reflect upon sights we too often take for granted.

Image: Oakleigh Motel , 2010, oil on linen, 1110 x 1520 mm.

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