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Uncle Vanya

Chekhov’s modern masterpiece is brought to life by a unique performance ensemble led by Green Room award-winning director Laurence Strangio. The world of this timeless play is hilarious while it is heartbreaking, endearing while frustrating, and baffling while delightful. Chekhov’s genius lies in shaping despair, longing and frustration into a play about hope and transformation.

A professor riddled with gout and vanity returns to his estate with his trophy wife, and over the course of an autumn, disrupts the lives of its inhabitants.

A brilliant cast of 9 actors, a beautifully crumbling theatre space, a guitar, and a gun.

Directed by Laurence Strangio; Designed by Mattea Davies, Julia Knibbs, & Mia Robinson; Featuring Richard Bligh, Don Bridges, Uschi Felix, Peter Finlay, Brenda Palmer, Sarah Ranken, Louise O’Dwyer and Bruce Woolley with Tom McCathie.

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