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A group exhibition by Peter Summers, Troy Mendham, Emma Langridge, Tim Gresham, Louise Blyton and Lynette Smith. These six Melbourne artists all focus on the myriad pathways of abstraction.

The exhibition title refers to the multiple terms used about abstract art “non-representative, reductive, non-objective, non-relational, unconstructed, non-compositional… ”

While we tend to look for meaning in art (“what’s it about?”) abstract art has a great capacity to set the imagination alight, to create a mood, even transform an environment.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday 19 July by Charles Nodrum, who has been a consistent supporter and exhibitor of abstract art from the 50s through to the present day.

Image: hallelujah by Peter Summers, 152mm x 122mm, Oil on Canvas, 2011

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