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Walking to Work

In Walking to Work James Yuncken documents his daily commute from home to studio. His paintings depict parts of Melbourne’s inner east, worked from photographs taken en route between November 2010 and January 2011.

The aim? ‘To show those scenes exactly as they were at that moment of capture.’
Why? ‘It’s my everyday, that’s the “why”. Most scenes are from the daily walk to and from the studio.’

James Yuncken has been exhibiting regularly in Melbourne for around 20 years, including fortyfivedownstairs since 2008.

In conjunction with the exhibition, fortyfivedownstairs is running a special public program. Blessed with the gift of the gab as well as a painter’s keen eye for detail, James Yuncken (fountain of local knowledge) will conduct a guided walk along the route that has inspired and informed his most recent body of work.

Image: No U-turn, Bridge Rd, evening of 25th January, 2011. 84cm x 112cm, acrylic on board by James Yuncken, 2012

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