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Yunuen Pérez and Sissy M. Reyes

Mex-tli is a photographic exhibition that consists of 10 images and a series created by artists Yunuen Pérez Martínez and Sissy M. Reyes, who are based in Melbourne and Sydney, respectively. Their work aims to challenge the stereotypical representation in which Mexican women are typically portrayed in Australia and demonstrate not only the power of the image, but also of cross-cultural aesthetics, that is, how different cultures can appreciate the same image for its aesthetic, rather than its formal qualities.

Because there is no fair representation of Mexican women in the media or in the arts, urgent action needs to be done. The photographic work of these artists will set the standard of contemporary artwork in order to challenge this trend in Australia.

This exhibition is a cultural tool to fight stereotypes in locally mass-produced images “promoting” Mexican culture, such as the ones we find in advertising.

Curated  by José Antonio González Zarandona.

Image1: Jaguar’s Roar by Yunuen Pérez Martínez and Sissy M. Reyes. Image2: De Las Manos by Yunuen Pérez Martínez and Sissy M. Reyes

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