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ARTIST TALKS Luke Hardy & Sarina Lirosi Saturday 3 September 2pm



Saturday 3 September 2pm

All welcome

Luke Hardy‘s photographic work lies somewhere between narrative and mystery. His practice began as a means of documenting journeys, but journeys over time become inevitably more internal, and so too has Hardy’s work, exploring the thin line between the sensual and the spiritual.  Hardy approaches these stories photographically through a series of emotional moments, rather than as a narrative to evoke a powerful sense of longing, delicate beauty and uncertainty.

presented by MEYER Gallery

Images: Luke Hardy with Dragonfly I, 2010, 87 x 87cm, ed.10; Yuki Onna V, digital C print, 87 x 87cm, ed.10.

Used soaps donated by friends, family and acquaintances are the surfaces upon which Sarina Lirosi places images. Personal soaps that have been used to specifically wash bodies are donated only at the very point of being considered useless and therefore discarded. Hence these soaps come in all shapes, sizes, shades and scents. They are delicately swathed with fine Polaroid “skins” depicting human skin, folds, body “bits”, moles and hair. The discarded soaps are of great significance for Lirosi as they provide a metaphor for the physical and emotional manifestations of having to face an ailing body. Working across an array of mediums and materials, Lirosi’s work often plays with combinations of images or objects that are transformed in unexpected ways.

Images (clockwise from left) : BEST BEFORE 9/03/2011 2011 Polaroid film on used soap 7 x 4cm; BEST BEFORE 15/06/2010 2010 Polaroid film on used soap 7 x 4cm; BEST BEFORE 07/11/2010 2011, Polaroid film on used soap, 5.5 x 5.5cm; BEST BEFORE 15/02/2010 2010 Polaroid film on used soap 7 x 4cm.

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