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The Glory Box (review)

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Queen Provocateur Moira Finucane and her boudoir of seductive chanteuses have returned to the underbelly of Melbourne’s forty-five downstairs presenting the latest instalment of The Burlesque Hour – The Glory Box: Paradise.

Globally acclaimed, creators Finucane & Smith have truly refined this franchise to tease and delight, engaging in a voyeuristic diaspora with a willing audience. Finucane’s repertoire transitions with ease.

From moments of inner beauty to the darkly gothic, we experience exquisite displays of German expressionist fan dancing and abstract Weimar, culminating in the high octane self-indulgent Dairy Queen to squeals of delight from a safely wrapped audience.

Holly Durant and Lily Paskas ham it up with their routines of visceral rock and demented disco, as does the wild child of circus, Jess Love and her prowess with the hula-hoops.

As always, Ursula Martinez amazes with her now infamous disappearing red hanky, though Yumi Umiumare’s deconstructed Butoh seemed to lack the conviction and the unbridled edginess of past outings.

However it’s Sarah Ward, better known as Yana Alana who steals the show with renditions of The Cat Has Nine Lives, disco classic Hot Stuff, and Don’t Leave Me This Way. The latter resplendent in an magnificent oversized white afro.

The Glory Box…Paradise is not to be missed! Look out for other guest artists scheduled to appear throughout season including Rhonda Burchmore and Paul Capsis.


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