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5 minutes with the Artist: David Frazer

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Artist David Frazer signing the book 'Little Aches & Pains' he collaborated on with Paul Kelly

David Frazer is an artist who uses linocut, wood engraving, painting and letterpress to create his detailed and frank iconic Aussie works. His exhibition HUG is in our large gallery from 22 July – 2 August 2014. View his works here:

What is the inspiration behind your current body of work? As well as the artist book the main themes of my work is the exploration and glorification of confused, bewildered and discontented men.  Dreams and yearning for love and stability matched to the desire to run away and escape, to be somewhere more exciting and to be someone more exciting.

How do you create these works, what is your process? I listen to music, come up with ideas and titles and go from there.  I think of my work like a songwriter would produce an album.

What is your background, education, experience or how did you evolve into being an artist? I was good at art at school and had really good art teachers.  I wanted the life of an artist.  After high school I went straight to art school and pretty much wasted my time.  After art school I gave away art to pursue a life in showbiz which proved ridiculous and delusional.  Luckily I saw sense in my latye 20’s and went back to art school to do an honours year in printmaking.  I now had a subject, failed ambition etc and the discovery of printmaking really suited my desire for narrative.

Tell us a story connected to these works: Always wanting to be a songwriter I found wood engraving to be the closest thing to writing a song, especially when you put them together into a book.  Doing a book with Paul Kelly and having him open my show by performing the song from the book gave me almost that feeling of singing a beautiful song to an adoring audience.



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