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Broadsheet: Flesh and Bone

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Conceived and performed by Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck, Flesh and Bone, presented at Fortyfivedownstairs by KAGE aims to investigate the primal need for human, emotional bonds whilst simultaneously challenging traditional concepts of gender roles.

The performance brings the colours and style of Melbourne designer Lisa Gorman together with the lighting of Paul Jackson to create a work that is visceral, exciting and spectacular.

Additionally, work has been done with feminist author Clementine Ford and a range of students to explore a number of issues, most specifically: “What does it mean to be male or female today? In what ways are we freer or more restrained?” Our freedom – be it physical, mental or emotional – is a source of constant fascination in today’s society, so join two exemplary performers in an attempt to not only confront some important questions, but perhaps to discover some answers as well.


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