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KAGE in Vulture Magazine

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Written by Michelle Pitiris on February 1, 2013

Did you know that on average the human body needs eight positive touches a day to survive? The need for human connection and interaction is built into our DNA, and every day that passes that we don’t feel at least the touch of skin on skin, is causing detrimental damage to our psychological and physical balance. And whether we connect physically, spiritually or mentally, man or woman, adult or child, it raises many questions as to how, where, and who dictates it. So it makes perfect sense that Melbourne performance duo, KAGE, have put together an ethereal piece based on the human desire to be connected to one another.

Flesh and Bone’, conceived and performed by Kate Denborough and Gerard Van Dyck, will take you into the realm of gender diversity, and explores the boundaries of what it means to be male or female in modern day, and whether or not it frees us to be who we are, the way we choose to be, or does it actually constrict us, bound by society’s invisible lines of judgement and social standard. This piece is sure to stir emotional waters that were once calm ripples, and thanks to Melbourne designer,Lisa Gorman of the label Gorman will provide an added visual component, thanks to her contribution to costume and style.

KAGE creators/performers, Denborough and Van Dyck, have been working together for over a decade under the company they formed in 1997, after meeting whilst studying together at the Victorian College of the Arts. Described as, ‘More than dance. Not quite theatre. Not circus, or poems, or dreams; but like these… KAGEstrikes out for new ground; innovating and reconceiving dance theatre to draw humour, humanity and pathos from the physicality of human bodies.’ This artistic exploration of stimulation for all the senses, has led to the company to be invited to be a part of the highly anticipated 2013 L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Cultural Program.
Grab your journal and pencil it in. Scrap that. Pen it in. Must. See. Show… Must. Attain. Culture.

Flesh and Bone
Thursday 7 – Sunday 24 March 2013*
Fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

*The show on Saturday 9 March is presented as part of the 2013 Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Umbrella Events Program with a dinner event with Cumulus Inc.


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