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See article in its original context here by Benjamin Starr for Visual News.

Stephen Nova’s paintings look like the work of an architect gone wild. Classic cottages sit perched atop unnervingly tall scaffolding and impossible (and often treacherous) landscapes. This is no place for a home… but that’s the point here: many of Nova’s most recent works are based around the idea that we live in a “ global age of increasing uncertainty and economic instability.” What rickety foundations hold up our current homes? From the money needed to support them, to the increasingly shaky concept of home itself, we live in changing times.

“The catalyst for the current group of paintings came in a form of an old wooden desktop loom passed onto me from a friend,” says Nova. “The history and associated meanings of domestic life and the way we weave the very fabric of our own lives, permeated the small wooden loom. This very humble object began to raise questions of the psychological and physical associations connected to the ideas and meaning of ‘home’.”

His response has been this series of unnerving yet fascinating surreal paintings. His homes are rendered in precise perspectives with an abundance of details. Ignoring other elements of the images, these places could be welcoming environments. But exploring further we see a world full of change, one filled with the fluid elements of dreams and memory. The images seem to beg the questions: where have we been, and where are we going? You can see more of Stephen Nova’s delightful work at or at his upcoming solo exhibition at FortyFive Downstairs gallery in Melbourne from Aug 27 to Sept 7, 2013.



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