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Katherine Collette reviews Mademoiselle for Onyamagazine

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If the words ‘gothic camp music theatre revue’ don’t get you into a tizz then a) what is wrong with you? and b) let me tell you why it should.

Mademoiselle, currently playing at Melbourne’s fortyfive downstairs, is set in the boudoir of an unnamed billionaress, who has gone out for the evening.  While the cat’s away, her valets play…  everything from middle management, to Germans, choir boys and debutantes.

Writer-performer Michael Dalley, best known for previous hit Urban Design Suite, is accompanied on stage by Paul McCarthy and on piano by also-composer John Thorn.  The show explores themes of power and servitude. While it’s billed as an ‘orgy of ridicule’, it’s less literal orgy (yay!), more an over-the-top singing, sneering extravaganza (double yay!).  The show, which includes thirteen original songs, is filled with satire, innuendo, double entendres and commentary on importance of table manners.  If that’s all still too ambiguous: try crossing Prue and Tru from Kath and Kim with Priscilla Queen of the Dessert.  Fab-u-lous!

And just to prove there’s something for everyone, the romantics among you will be mollified when a Passive Aggressive Filipino Amway Lady meets an Overly Articulate Call Centre Operator from Mumbai; if that doesn’t get your heart (semi-)racing then you must be made of stone.

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